Bullet Ride

Ride around on a bullet



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Bullet Ride is an interesting game where your objective is to 'surf' a lost bullet that hasn't been able to find its target. Your character rides on top of the bullet, which you have to control as best you can.

The game's controls are very simple, you just need to tilt the bullet from one side to the other to dodge the obstacles in your path, and activate the turbo (or super turbo) when you want to get a boost in speed. Now, the turbo is a double-edged sword: if you crash while you're using it, you're in big trouble.

One of the game's strongest points - besides the fact that you can use your XBox 360 controller to play it - is its graphics. Not only is the overall aesthetic very elegant, but the models of each object in the game have been very carefully created.

Bullet Ride is a fun game, and although it's a pretty short (it only has one big level), it serves up a new experience in which your reflexes and dexterity are your only allies.
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